Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cuddle Creature

Its winter and it is cold.  When it is cold first thing that comes to mind is cuddling. Cuddling with a loved one, cuddling under a blanket, or cuddling with that treasured teddy (or around here, monkey!)  As I started to research and get my juices going on what to do for January I figured out that whatever I chose to explore needed to be designed for sweet cuddling comforts.  Wanted it to be specially cuddly for a child.

While researching and looking through a book, I came across the project, turn a pillowcase into a little creature.  So I took a pillowcase and voila, Cuddle Creature with matching carrying bag/gift bag.  I chose this project to start of the year because it was a simple one, get my feet wet after a holiday break. 

Cute, Cuddly, Charming! 

Lessons learned:

-Pay attention to the material of the pillowcase/thickness of the fabric so the right thread is used.
-In the future, I would love to redo the Cuddle Creature with a pacifier or teether holder. Maybe do more personalizing to the idea of the creature. The ideas to make it different rather than just do the suggested ones came flooding after I had cut everything out, boo.  With the current baby boom around us, I am sure I'll have the opportunity to make another!
-Cross-stitching is great way to add character to anything!  Once you get the hang of it, its simple!
-In search of buttons!  Seems like around my neck of the woods it is hard to find buttons, specially a variety of them.  Choices are slim.  Realizing it is good to just collect some here and there, specially vintage, when I do come across any.

PS- My lil one LOVES the Cuddle Creature.  Not sure what it is about it.  She just holds it and giggles!  It is a hit! Fun and easy project to tackle, go for it!


  1. The Hancock's in Gainesville has the best selection of buttons I've been able to find.

  2. Thanks! Might have to plan a special trip!

  3. I also have a bunch of vintage-looking metal buttons that you may be interested in. I inherited them from my mother's collection and they don't really go with any of my projects. Message me on Facebook, and I can drop them in the mail to you.

  4. Just saw your comment, will message you this weekend. Thanks!