Monday, April 1, 2013

March Madness

Madness it was.  March was one crazy month with lots of highs and lots of lows.  Beginning to see some kind of normalcy returning to this household, including with the weather lol.

We did a lot this March...we celebrated, worked, cried, questioned, trusted, rejoiced.  Even with all that there was a little time for sewing.  Much needed mami break when I could get it.

Skirt number 3 finally got finished.  This one is super special as one of little one's close friends has an exact one, need to get a picture of both of them wearing them.  For now, here is the skirt.

Also on this month's agenda was little monkey's Easter dress.  She had expressed interest in a pattern we saw at Hobby Lobby and well I just could not say no.  She knows what she likes!  After some hours of work, the dress was finished just in time for Easter Sunday.  Was cutting it close!

Friday, March 8, 2013

New Life

I love taking something old and making something new again.  I knew I wanted to make something special and useful for my little ones 3 year birthday.  Set out to find a Little Tykes table that I could make special for our little girl.  These tables are everyone, difference sizes and styles.  A gracious friend had one she was ready to get rid off, or as she put it...get it out of her yard.  Perfect!  

So after picking the fabric and colors for the table, it was just getting down and 'dirty.'  Disassembled the table, cleaned the table, cut out fabric and vinyl, staple on, spray paint base, reassemble.  Love how the colors came out, and hope it has many more years of use! 

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Project Skirt #2

Here it is, skirt number 2 of 7!  Fabric picked by yours truly, Sophia!  She saw the circus print and just had to have it.  Could not say no, super cute and awesome colors! 

Skirt number 3 is in progress and a super duper cute dress coming soon! 

Now time to focus on a little ones 3rd Birthday Party.  We'll have a birthday girl
in a week!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Skirt #1

Finally NO rain, NO wind, NO freezing weather, so outside we go!  On Friday, we had a teaser and Sophia was feeling it.  It was gorgeous spring like weather and she knew it, she was singing outside "Spring Spring Spring."

A new project for the spring weather, a skirt for each day of the week.  This will be fun! 

Skirt #1

And as mentioned previously, a sweet accessory for my little one's tea party.  A must accessory, tea hat!

Great find at an antique shop; the ribbons needed some TLC.
After TLC!  Ready for Tea Time!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tea Time Ready

Lil munchkin turns 3 in March, yes 3!!!  Goodness how time flies.  I am a planner so here I am already working and planning for her birthday ParTEA.  She is all about tea parties these days, so seemed fitting. It has been fun shopping and planning to prep for the birthday.  Tea cups, tea sweets, tea dress.....

What tea time does not have a tea dress?  Set out to make her own tea dress myself.  Now here you have it,  parTEA dress for Sophia. . .

Munchkin has asked to wear her dress often so I'll just assume she approves.  She's one cute twirler in it!  I like the versatility 2 knots or 1 knot, in the front or in the back.  Will probably make more, and adjust to the lessons learned from this one. . .

Until next time!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Market Made

One of my little one's favorite thing last spring and summer was the family Saturday morning runs to the farmers market.  She would wake up asking and ready to go to the market.  It might just be a continuation to my spring fever but I set out last year to make a her a special skirt for this special trips.  Started a little to late in the season and so never got finished, until now!

Made for twirling!

So at this point I am thinking I am done and my dear husband says, "Where is the matching top?"  LOL You know it, could not just walk away.  He wanted to me to make a top, I took the easy way out.  Will leave that for a future project.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Spring Fever

Some great mamas and I have begun our own sewing/craft the babysitters club except papis do the babysitting while the mamas play.   We hide in the basement, hang out, sew, embroider, and make plans for the next project.  Love it.  Great way to de-stress with comradeship; really keep the creative juices and projects going. 

First project of the year...
ruffles ruffles ruffles

Ruffles because we like pricey items that we realized we could make ourselves.
So we set out to make the infamous ruffle pants with matching tops.  Side note:  plain white shirts in size 4t/5t are nearly impossible to find.  Picture 3 mamas hunting down these shirts with kids...texting each other if we found any!  Any who, final product below.  Must say will definitely be making more.  Super easy, super fun, super cute!

First up

Bright and Cheery!

Second outfit (for now!)...

Spring Flower!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Winter Warmth

I had my little munchkin get the itch for me to make her little baby a dress. She's been seeing mami getting her clothes done so she wanted one for her baby.  I let her choose the fabric and color.  Of course she picked, pink fleece for her smallest baby doll ;) .

We got it done and then with her interest still on sewing, we took left over fleece and made new ear warmers for the cold days that have finally set it!  Let's see if the cold sticks around long enough!

Pretty in Pink!

Keeping it neutral!

Until next time!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Where I've been

For the most part, 2012 served as the year of the balancing act.  And seems like I have room to grow in that department.  Between being a full time wife and mami, being a Pampered Chef, and lover for all things crafty time is just not on my side. Or so it seemed.  Add to that training for 5k, 10k and 1/2 marathon (ck bucket list).  Sleep, what sleep?

What I found out and I try to remind myself daily in 2013, it is all a state of mind.  It is an attitude.  Negative. Positive.  Fast forward to now and I am still a wife and a mami, still a Pampered Chef, still crafting, still training, and add a Part time job back in my field of architecture (thank goodness it is from home!)

I am alive.  Making it.  What has changed?  I get done what I can and do not worry about the things that don't, however big or small they might seem.   Well, try not to worry as much lol  Matthew 6:34 "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."   Also seemed to do better with my time and what I have been given when I have more to do.  To do list=organized schedule=done! 

2012 seemed to be the year of excuses along with the lack of balancing...too tired, distractions, husband is working late, child, you name it.  I found myself balancing by not doing.  Not fun. Left me feeling more tired and bummed, guilty and comparing.  Which only led to wanting to do more but not doing.  Did not even post here the projects I did get done. 

One month into 2013 and I feel like I have accomplished, done, finished more than in 2012 combined.  I have been given this day. Taking it one day at time.  On this day I choose, clean, cook, dance sew, craft, work out, read, or sleep, rest, relax.  I remind myself I have no 'real' deadlines just the ones I place on myself for all things house.  Give thanks when I am given the chance to do anything.  New attitude.  Behold, things get done! 

Here are some of the 2012 projects that went undocumented....

Attempt at mid-year organization....sure is helping now!

 Calling all Super Heroes!

Shameless Disney tribute!

Our little caterpillar!

Here is to 2013...
"Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life? " Luke 12:25
No worries, just doing and enjoying!