Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Craft time

Mother Daughter craft time!  

Christmas is upon us and cold weather finally hit Georgia today...the cold, wet, dreary, gray sky kinda winter
day.  No outdoors and thank goodness I had planned ahead.  Craft time! Today it was all about our ornament addition to our Christmas tree.  Since my hubby and I got married we would go to the nearby Just Kiln'Time and paint our ornaments and date it.  In a spin off of that idea I went in search of the simple, clear ornaments found at our local Hobby Lobby.

All we needed was some glitter, some paint, and some super cute toddler hand to create our fun new ornaments. 

Gold glitter

Colorful glitter
  The glitter inside was super easy!  Take some liquid soap, or floor wax, pour it inside the ornament. Make sure to get all of the inside wet.  Pour the glitter inside and shake shake shake (created a paper cone for easy pour.)  Sophia was a great shaker!  Place the lids back on and had a blast painting!

This might just be our new Christmas tradition!