Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Framed to keep!

Just when you think a girl does not need another one, you see it and you must have it.  In the life of a little girl, one just can not have enough bows!  The dilemma, where do you keep them; keep them nice and ordered or keep them from being misplaced?  In an attempt to keep all bows (and the growing collection!) in one place I needed to either find a hair bow holder or just make one myself.  Well of course, I enjoy a project.  With chicken wire and an old window frame....voila!

Bows and a little bit extra!

Looking forward to seeing this garden of bows grow with my monkey!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Project Pillowcase April

Sunny Days!  Bright Sunny Days!
Let's celebrate such glorious sunny days with a sun hat!  Figured I could not go wrong making a sun hat for our little one. Since it serves multiple purposes:  pure cuteness, sun protection, shading it seemed worthy of giving it a try.

Used 2 pillowcases for this project, one solid color and one with pattern.  The combinations are endless so will definitely be doing this one again.  Ready for good times!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Project Pillowcase February and March

Yes I know but a resolution is a resolution and behind on it or not I did want to make an attempt to keep up with my sewing resolution.  So I have been working hard on catching up with months past until I have caught up to date. Happy to announce that I am getting there. After a busy spring with birthdays, weddings, projects etc. I am now back in the swing of things and working out my project pillowcase resolution.  Whew!

For project pillowcase February I wanted to do something along the line of staying in, enjoying time together, with a little personal touch.  Happy to finally be posting the final product. With a few pillowcases in hand I set out to do coasters!  Cheers! 

Then March came and went but I knew Project Pillowcase March needed to prepare for the great outdoors and for this ATL heat!  Why not make our little one a sweet summer dress; here is to a different kind of pillowcase dress. 

Sweet girl picking flowers in her new dress.

Going Places!