Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Happy 3rd Anniversary!  Traditional gift is leather and do not worry I have that part covered lol.  But not something I could make myself (yet).  Wanted to do something that would just encourage us in times when our schedules were running us in different directions.  Wanted something to allow for Love Notes or such,
something to let the unspoken 'spoken.'

Pinterest to the rescue again!  Found the cutest idea, "I heart you because _____________" Frame.  Yes,I
love frames LOL  A frame where we could express why we love each other daily!  Lift each other up and love on each other !  Being that we are on a budget I hit up my favorite antique shop and it did not disappoint.  Frame $5, spray paint (with coupon) $1.29, memories for years to come PRICELESS.

Before:  Baby frame, plate stand with paper and spray paint.

At the end, the initial idea went out the window. LOL  Green papers did not get used and spray paint got used more: bronze paint on the stand and the inside frame border.

Finally!  Love frames in stands :)

I love you!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

To do..

So I gave in to the Pinterest craze, and I am in love.  Just another means to add projects to the pile of projects I already have in my 'to do' pile LOL! No more sleep for this mama! 
Seems I seem to have a never ending to do list,  it seemed fitting to get organized before the busy holiday season starts with gifts and projects in between fun fall outings and celebrations.  First stop, 'To Do List' frame.  
On Sunday evenings, I often sit down to make a weekly/daily to do list.  I would print out the weekly calendar and go to town.  Some days I ended up with a notepad adding things or taking notes etc.  The amount of paper I have been consuming has been WAY too much!  I love reusing and re-purposing so when I saw the 'To do' frame it became number 1 on my to do!

Kept it simple as "It is just a to do list!" as my hubby reminded me! :)