Thursday, February 28, 2013

Project Skirt #2

Here it is, skirt number 2 of 7!  Fabric picked by yours truly, Sophia!  She saw the circus print and just had to have it.  Could not say no, super cute and awesome colors! 

Skirt number 3 is in progress and a super duper cute dress coming soon! 

Now time to focus on a little ones 3rd Birthday Party.  We'll have a birthday girl
in a week!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Skirt #1

Finally NO rain, NO wind, NO freezing weather, so outside we go!  On Friday, we had a teaser and Sophia was feeling it.  It was gorgeous spring like weather and she knew it, she was singing outside "Spring Spring Spring."

A new project for the spring weather, a skirt for each day of the week.  This will be fun! 

Skirt #1

And as mentioned previously, a sweet accessory for my little one's tea party.  A must accessory, tea hat!

Great find at an antique shop; the ribbons needed some TLC.
After TLC!  Ready for Tea Time!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tea Time Ready

Lil munchkin turns 3 in March, yes 3!!!  Goodness how time flies.  I am a planner so here I am already working and planning for her birthday ParTEA.  She is all about tea parties these days, so seemed fitting. It has been fun shopping and planning to prep for the birthday.  Tea cups, tea sweets, tea dress.....

What tea time does not have a tea dress?  Set out to make her own tea dress myself.  Now here you have it,  parTEA dress for Sophia. . .

Munchkin has asked to wear her dress often so I'll just assume she approves.  She's one cute twirler in it!  I like the versatility 2 knots or 1 knot, in the front or in the back.  Will probably make more, and adjust to the lessons learned from this one. . .

Until next time!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Market Made

One of my little one's favorite thing last spring and summer was the family Saturday morning runs to the farmers market.  She would wake up asking and ready to go to the market.  It might just be a continuation to my spring fever but I set out last year to make a her a special skirt for this special trips.  Started a little to late in the season and so never got finished, until now!

Made for twirling!

So at this point I am thinking I am done and my dear husband says, "Where is the matching top?"  LOL You know it, could not just walk away.  He wanted to me to make a top, I took the easy way out.  Will leave that for a future project.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Spring Fever

Some great mamas and I have begun our own sewing/craft the babysitters club except papis do the babysitting while the mamas play.   We hide in the basement, hang out, sew, embroider, and make plans for the next project.  Love it.  Great way to de-stress with comradeship; really keep the creative juices and projects going. 

First project of the year...
ruffles ruffles ruffles

Ruffles because we like pricey items that we realized we could make ourselves.
So we set out to make the infamous ruffle pants with matching tops.  Side note:  plain white shirts in size 4t/5t are nearly impossible to find.  Picture 3 mamas hunting down these shirts with kids...texting each other if we found any!  Any who, final product below.  Must say will definitely be making more.  Super easy, super fun, super cute!

First up

Bright and Cheery!

Second outfit (for now!)...

Spring Flower!