Monday, January 3, 2011

Beach Bum

I love themed gifts!  I enjoy trying to figure out a person's interests and going with it.  This past Christmas, in the spirit of staying crafty, I set out to make a beach bag for my sister's Christmas gift themed Beach Bum!  I wanted the bag to have things inside that would be a reminder of a day at the beach (books, pictures, nail polish etc, you get the idea), but I had a budget to work with.  The need to get really crafty came into play.  From the bed to a bag, I found the perfect sheets that I was able to convert into a beach bag.  YES! Since the sheet set had a striped pattern accompanied by a solid denim print, really found it ideal.  Gotta love fun bright colors, summery and ready for the sun. 

Now, she will just have to wait for warmer weather to return!

Bag in a Bed!
Inside Lining

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