Thursday, December 30, 2010

the Chef in her Kitchen Dress

In a previous post I posted the kitchen dress prior to its rightful chef receiving it.  Well, the chef has her kitchen dress and is ready for some cooking time.  If she's anything like her mama in the kitchen, I can not wait to try some of delicious cookies! wink wink

No time to waste, let's get cooking!

Lasting Memories

     A large family usually equals lots of gifting at Christmas.  A growing large family equals endless gifting possibilities. The solution, draw a name and focus on one!  Great way to save and really put forth some effort into an individual gift.
     This past summer when the family drew names I was super excited to have picked my newly married sister-in-law (when I say newly married, I mean she had just gotten married that weekend we drew names!)  Any who, I knew then exactly what I would do for her Christmas gift.
     Often, even in the first year marriage bliss, things get busy and certain things get overlooked (regardless of our best intentions)  There are some things that may not be the highest on the priority list but some of them should not be overlooked completely.  A wedding being such an important event in a couple's life, the memories should certainly be captured and cherished.  So my gift? You guessed it,  I set out to make my sister-in-law her wedding album.  Check it out!  Made with lots of love to a lovely couple!

Two Became One                                       
Two Became One       
        Book Preview   
Photo book   

To many years of lasting memories!