Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hidden Finds

With the intentions of revamping our little monkey's room to a more girlie toddler room, my eyes have been peeled for some serious finds.  Since we did not find out the sex of the munchkin until birth, I did not have the luxury of going crazy with the room now it is the time.  Or so that is my excuse!

Previous finds were for a 'study' corner (desk,shelf etc) as well as a shelving unit for the book addiction!  Also worked on a 'framed' bow holder.  Two things I had been trying desperatly to find, a lamp and a rug.  

This past week while out and about with my sister, we hopped in to the same antique shop where the previous finds were found.  Awesome Awesome place.  Well, went in for my sister, came out with the lamp.  Fell in love with it because of the base (and $).  Also matches great with the theme of the room (check previous blog!)  What I did not like was the style of the shade, shape and frills.  So why not change it up a bit!  

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Growing Growing....but not yet Grown!

Our little one is growing, and of course that means changes.  Since I love a good project, I started turning our monkey's room a little more toddler friendly.  Limited budget and not owning our current home meant getting creative.  Few finds at an antique shop did a quick change up, for now lol!

The window frame hair bow holder is up, desk is in, and now that I finished painting, we can add .... 

to finish the study area.  A little painting to match a big girl's covers :)

And below the 'study area' as it is today.  One more addition still
to come!

First things first, must pick the bow for the day!

My how time flies. Before we know it we will be redoing the room for a teenager!