Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Project Pillowcase February and March

Yes I know but a resolution is a resolution and behind on it or not I did want to make an attempt to keep up with my sewing resolution.  So I have been working hard on catching up with months past until I have caught up to date. Happy to announce that I am getting there. After a busy spring with birthdays, weddings, projects etc. I am now back in the swing of things and working out my project pillowcase resolution.  Whew!

For project pillowcase February I wanted to do something along the line of staying in, enjoying time together, with a little personal touch.  Happy to finally be posting the final product. With a few pillowcases in hand I set out to do coasters!  Cheers! 

Then March came and went but I knew Project Pillowcase March needed to prepare for the great outdoors and for this ATL heat!  Why not make our little one a sweet summer dress; here is to a different kind of pillowcase dress. 

Sweet girl picking flowers in her new dress.

Going Places!

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