Thursday, March 24, 2011

Babywearing Bash

Before I even thought of becoming a mother, my thoughts on newborns revolved around quiet, cute babies, cuddled in blankets, playing on bouncies, eating and sleeping/sleeping and eating, diapers, diapers and more diapers.  Not once while growing up or once in my early adult world did I think twice about baby wearing.  It was not until my husband and I started researching home-births that this whole new world of cloth diaper, breastfeeding, baby-wearing, crunchy world appeared and I fell in love.  It just made sense.  Keep it simple, keep in natural.

As I researched on through my 9 months of pregnancy into this whole new world, the more I got super excited that I was privileged enough to join it.  Baby-wearing was tackled last when it came down to choosing most important things. I knew I wanted to baby wear, the choices were endless and I was clueless.  We received two carriers as gifts prior to our precious arrival.  Not being well informed, we tried and tried and just ended with a frustrated baby or frustrated, hurting mama.  So I looked further into carriers...needed to know what worked for what age group, which ones were rated good for support, which ones I could use for nursing out and about, good for hiking, front or back carrier or both, forward facing, washable, long lasting, buckle carriers, slings, or wraps and was the price right?  Whew!  Yes a little overwhelming but I was determined.

I was determined to get things done around the house as a new mom without neglecting my little one.  I was determined to be able to carry my little one and soothe her as she needed.  Determined to go places and not feel hindered by a stroller or my back hurting from just carrying my baby.  Determined to multi-task: make dinner or do laundry while soothing the baby! Maybe even get in some exercise.

My Finds:
Maya Ring sling, Moby wrap and our newest addition the Boba carrier.
Do you have favorite?

My husband still asks if we need all of them, my response "We could use more!" Like the MaiTai, Ergo, Sleepy Wrap- the list can go on.

As we introduced the baby wearing, house chores, errands (grocery shopping, post office etc), work, and traveling became less daunting.  We had a happy baby, happy mama.  Lots got done.   With the new Boba carrier baby daddy joined in the baby wearing fun.  Along the way we also found the benefits of baby-wearing and they became apparent...

  • Calmer Baby! Research has shown that babies who are carried cry (on average) 43% less overall and 54% less during the evening hours.Other cultures practice baby-wearing continuously, and it works.

  • Good for baby's mental development. Babies spend more time in a "quiet, alert state" when carried - the ideal state for learning. Their senses are stimulated while being carried (yet there is a place to retreat too).
  • Good for baby's emotional development. Babies are quickly able to develop a sense of security and trust when they are carried. They are more likely to be securely attached to their care-giver/s. and often become independent at an earlier age.
  • Good for baby's physical development. By being so close to your body's rhythms, your newborn "gets in rhythm" much more quickly. Your heartbeat, breathing, voice and warmth are all familiar. 
I find it inspiring seeing women around the world baby-wearing like champs! Not worried about the type of carrier or circumstances, it is a lifestyle.  It has worked for them for generations, why can it not work for us!

Happy Baby Wearing!
Maya Ring Sling
Moby Wrap
Boba Carrier
Boba Carrier

And in the spirit of loving to make things and creating new designs I have found a few links for tutorials for you to try your hands at creating your carrier,sling or wrap.  Great way to test out what works best! I do plan in the future to try my hands and some!

Or if you are a busy mama and just want to find a good supporting baby wearing site with good deals and a great lady, check out for your Cuddle Carry Love experience. The Boba carrier sported by mama and baby daddy above came from Heavenly Hold at 

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  1. So true - I love the Boba carrier - might have to go and get one.