Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Better Late than Never

How many of you experience the crazy busyness that comes with the holidays?  ME ME ME!  Well with all the driving, visiting, celebrating I am now playing a little catch up.  Did not want to forget to post a few things that have waited very patiently on me. 

Let's start off with some craft time goodies!  Yay for some Christmas fun!   
Who likes reindeers?  Who's the favorite reindeer?  Rudolph!

Rudolph was accompanied with the making of reindeer food that our little monkey spread on the front lawn Christmas eve.  What fun!

We also spend some time learning the true meaning of Christmas this year.  Thanks to pinterest I found a great way to do this with an almost two year old. (not the easiest of tasks but we did it!)  We took the week prior to Christmas to create our own Nativity Scene (out of toilet rolls!).  Did a little bit each day and at the end of the week we put all the pieces together and read the Nativity Story.  Great family memories!  

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! 


  1. I love the nativity set! Do you have a link to print the images?

  2. I know it is somewhere, let me look and get back to you!